A Car, A Girl and A Business Card…

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Grateful Blog: Day 73: I found an old business card of mine today. It was funny. It had my name on it, right there in royal blue. ‘DanWeber’. And it had the company I worked for ‘Favorite Nurses’ and their address and phone #. The works. Pretty standard deal. My first thought was ‘Welcome to 1996’. However, I instantly remembered that guy who it belonged to. The car he drove, the job he had, the girl he was in love with and thought he gonna marry someday.

And then I thought ‘I HATED that job’ and was so Grateful that one day my awesome boss Judy said ‘My boyfriend needs someone to be his Real Estate Appraiser apprentice, know anyone?’ And being the smartass I am, I said ‘Yeah, me!’ She shot that idea down instantly. So did I. I’d be taking a huge cut in pay and she’d have to hire someone new. Nope, that wasn’t a very good idea for either of us. Then 5 hours later, while at home, she called and said ‘I know I’m going to regret this, but why don’t you come over and meet my boyfriend.’ I went right over. It was Friday afternoon We talked. About anything and everything. We actually each had a couple of coldCorona’s. That was the interview.

I got the job, with its cut in pay and I never looked back. I really dig my job now. Have for a long time. And I’ve not missed that old job a single day, not one. Finding that old business card reminded me how Grateful I was for fate intervening on my behalf. But the truth is I actually DO miss that old car I had, a 1977 Buick Skylark, the one I drove everyday to that job I hated, when I was in love with a girl that I thought I was gonna marry someday. Turns out it’s the same car I drove to my new job, and it’s the one I drove away from the church dragging tin cans and a sign that said ‘Just Married’ on the back. You know, I wish I’d have kept the car and thrown that business card away…

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