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Grateful Blog: Day 66: I got the email today that said:

Help! We need more copies of Dan Weber: Ash and Bone.

Congratulations! You’ve sold enough CDs through CD Baby that our all-knowing inventory management computer wants you to know that we need more discs to satisfy anticipated demand.

I LOVE that!

Not because I’m making any money selling CD’s, I’m not. The simple truth of the matter is when I gave the first copies away to my wife and my Mom I was already under water on the project as it were. It ‘is what it is’ I guess. But I didn’t make ‘Ash and Bone’ because I wanted or needed to make a profit. I made ‘Ash and Bone’ because I cared about the songs and I wanted people to hear them and maybe share in the joy they’ve given me. Making a CD or any form of art is something like: 70% long shot, 19% exercise in vanity and 11% ‘What the HELL were you thinking’?

For my 11% I was thinking: ‘You know, this song, or that song is REALLY something special, and all these Amazing people who come to my shows tell me how much that means to them, so I think, just maybe, I should record them and share them, and somehow spread that feeling that you get when you truly connect with a song or an artist. You know, see where it goes, see who you’re drawn to and who’s drawn to you. Take that shot in the dark, bet on the long shot, and hey, don’t over think it, because the songs are good, maybe REALLY good and you NEED to share them…     

So that’s it in a nutshell. I could go on at length and try to rationalize it further but I think my friend Gil Reynolds summed it up best when he said ‘Look Dan, we write songs, we make music, and then we record them and then do it all over again. It’s what we DO. It’s who we ARE.” I couldn’t agree more.

Tonight I’m Grateful for everyone who’s listened to or played ‘Ash and Bone’, who’s sent me a nice note, who written a review on CD Baby or iTunes, bought it, downloaded it or even pirated a copy. I don’t care. I want YOU to hear it. I think it’s REALLY good. Oh and that email from CD Baby, they wanted a BUNCH more copies. I guess it’s selling really well. I’m Grateful for that too. I’m gonna need the money one of these days, to make another CD, because as Gil pointed out “It’s what we DO. It’s who we ARE.”

Thanks for listening!

If you want a copy you can find it at: or at CD Baby at