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Hey Friends…

A bunch of years ago I went backpacking with my friend Nate at this place called ‘Snowgrass Flat’ up in the Goat Rocks Wilderness. It supposed to have a beautiful view but that day everything was fogged in so we not only couldn’t see the view but at some point, hiking at 6,000 feet on the Pacific Crest Trail we lost all sign of the trail too. It’s rough country and rather than fall off a cliff, we pitched our tent right where we stopped, got out the deck of cards and the whiskey and spent the rest of the day and night playing the world’s longest game of gin rummy, occasionally toasting everyone we could think of until the bottle was empty. In the morning I got up to use the ‘bathroom’ as it were, walked out of the tent, and at some point I managed to open my sleepy eyes and realized two things ‘WOW!’ The view ofMt.Adams,Mt.St HelensANDMt.Rainierwas beyond amazing. The second was that lost in the fog, we had literally managed to pitch out tent directly in the middle of the trail…It was an ironic sight, an incredible view and a great and memorable trip.

The ‘Ash and Bone’ CD Release Show at Artichoke Music on February 18th was a bit like that morning. In a word: Amazing! The view was incredible and the trail ahead was clear. I’m not lost for words much but that night was one of those nights for me. I could not have enjoyed a crowd, a venue, a show or a night more than I did. To EVERYONE who could make it, Thank You!!! for making that one of the absolutely most special and singular night’s of my life. It was so incredible and just perfect. I’m so humbled by the sheer outpouring of your Love, Support and Enthusiasm. Let’s do THAT again—and Soon!!!

So speaking of ‘Soon’…

We have a NEW show to share and this one’s going to be special—AND really cool. On Saturday morning March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) Jerry and I will be getting up early to play LIVE in studio at KBOO 90.7 FM on during Wayne and Kathy Johnson’s ‘Swing and Country’ show at 8am. Playing live on KBOO is a big honor to me considering I’ve been listening (and taping) the show for over 10 years.

To hear the show you can set your alarm early and tune to 90.7 FM in Portland(100.7 FM in Corvallis& 91.9 FM in HoodRiver–or online at and click ‘Listen’)

Or? (Here’s where it get’s cool!) Or you can come down to the station at 20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214 (Just south of E. Burnside by the Doug Fir—lot’s of parking that time of day) and Be Part of the Show, and see it Live. Yeah, Live! A bit like they did it in the ‘50’s. You can check out the station, meet the DJ’s, and as an added incentive, we’re going to have plenty of good local coffee and I’m buying a bunch of Voodoo Doughnuts. That’s right: Portland’s own World Famous Voodoo Doughnuts. It’s going to be a fun way to kick off the St. Patrick’s Day weekend and a very rare chance to part of a live studio audience. So yeah, a live in studio show, good coffee and Voodoo Doughnuts!

Seating is EXTREMELY limited (and is already filling up!), so to guarantee a seat ASAP, send an email directly to Wayne or Kathy at KBOO at or go to and send them a note and tell them you want to be part of the show! They’re requesting folks get there about 7:30-7:45am to get settled in and get the coffee and doughnuts going. I’ll also have the new ‘Ash and Bone’ CD’s there if you’ve not gotten one yet. Come on down, it’s going to be a Classic!

So you know by now that ‘Ash and Bone’ is FINALLY out! It’s selling extremely well and you can get it at my BRAND NEW fantastic website at through CD Baby and iTunes.

CD Baby


Scott Docherty at Redhare did the brilliant design work on the CD and also built me a top notch website. Be sure to check out his work and my site at for updates, new shows and links.

Finally, our 2nd Official ‘Ash and Bone’ CD Release Show, at the fabulous Doverlaff House Concert Series, will be as special as the first. On Saturday March 24th it will be in the intimate ‘Tiki Room’ and will feature Mike MidLo of far and wide Pancake Breakfast fame opening up the night. I first met Mike at the always incredible Sister’s Folk Festival and have been a big fan ever since.

The show has already Sold-out Thank You! but you can Contact Dan Dover at to see about getting on the waiting list. There’s always a last minute ticket or 2…

And the News…

Song News???

Last month week my song ‘Lost and Found’ was given an Honorable Mention in American Songwriter Magazine’s Lyric contest. It’s a big contest so it’s pretty darn exciting!

A Blog???

Yup. My new blog ‘The Grateful Blog’ is now in its 65th day (only 301 days to go!). It was my New Years resolution to be Grateful for something or someone every day of 2012. It’s my way of giving something positive back to the Universe. You can find it at: and click ‘Follow’. It’s pretty cool, or as my friend Barbara Louis recently said “The best way to start my day…reading Dan’s Blog!” Sweet!

And speaking about blogs: Check out our friend Gerry Hubbard’s blog:

Please tell your friends to come see us play and say ‘Hi’. We’d love to meet them! Thanks again! for a truly Special, Amazing and Overwhelming show of support for the CD Release. Don’t forget to tell your friends, ‘Share’ on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It ALL really, really helps spread the word and takes just a minute or 2.

And Thank you! for Listening,Reading, Sharing, and Helping me make this long musical journey possible!



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