2 Days to ‘Ash and Bone’…A Celebration!

Dan Weber Grateful Blog, News

Grateful Blog: Day 47: Its 2 days to the release of my debut CD, ‘Ash and Bone’. Since there’s no end to details leading up to the show, at this point it’s more or less a full court press to Saturday night. Friends are driving in from over 6 hours for the show. I don’t know if that makes me feel additional pressure or to just feel loved. But I’m going with loved. Today I got the nicest card in the mail from 2 friends of mine, reminding me what a journey it’s been and how much they’ve enjoyed my music and our friendship. It pretty much brought me to tears. But when you get card like that it pretty much reminds you that there’s really no pressure at all, the music is totally secondary to the journey, and the CD release just the celebration of a milestone of sorts. A bit like my 40th birthday party except I skipped that supposed milestone, didn’t want to celebrate it. And looking back I think I missed the point entirely. Birthdays and weddings aren’t about YOU; they’re about family and friends. They’re about milestones and celebration. They’re about good memories and hope for the future. The same is true for CD releases. This isn’t about me or even my music. It’s about my family, my friends and community. I don’t know why I never saw that before but I’m so Grateful I finally did. In any case, 2 days from now, we’ll celebrate. We’ll hug, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll reminisce and then we’ll celebrate some more. And then hopefully you’ll all buy a CD or 2 so I can start planning the next one.