Clearing my Throat…

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Grateful Blog: Day 52: I don’t normally fall asleep in the middle of the day but today I did. I woke up groggy and a bit perplexed but the news was good. Back in December I starting having weird issues stomach issues in relation to an ongoing battle with acid reflux that seemed to have morphed into sudden weight loss and periodic bouts of not being able to keep food down. Around Christmas I was fairly debilitated, almost confined to bed and understandably frightened. So while I’ve been working my usual 60 hour weeks and frantically planning every last detail of the CD release, I’ve had this looming medical procedure called an ‘Endoscopy’ hanging over my head. It’s pretty simple really: They knock you out, shove a tube down your throat and take pictures. I was pretty calm about the whole deal until this morning and my blood pressure told that tale pretty easily.

The other night during the CD release was so magical for me. There were so many friends and family and fans there to support me. It could not have been better. I was fully present in the moment and I think in the pictures folks are posting on Facebook you see the joy I was having. I tried as hard as I could to put this morning’s procedure whatever implications it might have had out of my mind. It just about 100% worked but nothing in life, as we all know is 100%.

So this morning, I went in, they knocked me out and I slept while they took their pictures. Fortunately I woke up to the same world and the same diagnosis that I had before I went in which is essentially this: “You’re gonna live. Probably a long healthy life.” The lesson that we always seem to learn from these episodes is to never take any single day from granted. They’re too precious. So from Saturday night’s magical show to Tuesday afternoon’s diagnosis, I’ve been living in 2 worlds but we all know better, it’s just one life that we get to live. So while I’m Grateful for such a wonderful show, I’m equally Grateful for some good news today. And in the mean time, I’m Grateful for the not so gentle reminders that every day is magic, that every day there’s something to be Grateful for. That’s why I write this blog. And more importantly, that’s what I believe. Peace—and Good Health to you and yours!