Behind Every Successful Man…

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Grateful Blog: Day 50: There’s so very much to be Grateful for today. Last night I was literally on Top of the World. The CD release show for ‘Ash and Bone’ was AMAZING! to say the least. I could not have enjoyed a crowd, a venue, a show or a night more than I did last night. To EVERYONE who came, THANK YOU!!! for making that one of the absolutely most special and singular night’s of my life. It was so INCREDIBLE and just entirely Perfect.

The thing that strikes me the most today is that besides be so humbled by the sheer outpouring of Love, Support and Enthusiasm from so many people is how many people I have to ‘Thank’ because so many people made significant contributions to making the CD and the night special. So first and foremost I’m Grateful that I have the good fortune to have so many people to Thank. That’s a real blessing because I could not have done it without them and will endeavor to find the way to thank each and every one of you.

But today I want to thank the person I’m most Grateful for—in my musical career as well as my life, my Beautiful wife Diane. What you see with Diane is what you get. A great hugger (I’d argue the Best!), a ready and pretty smile, and a genuineness that is instantly recognizable to her friends and all who know her. Diane is not only the love of my life and the backbone of our marriage, she is also the most straightforward, honest and loyal woman I’ve every met. But even more than that, as a songwriter she gives me the freedom to say ‘Hey, I need to drive toTexasfor 3 weeks to play music’ or ‘I’m going to commit $$$ to the making of a CD that we’ll never make our money back on’. She not only doesn’t bat an eye, but she ENCOURAGES me to follow my passion in so ways large and small that often go unrecognized, but we both know are true.

She’s is almost exclusively my first audience for new songs. She is my editor for changes in both content and tone and my sounding board that says ‘you can/can’t sing that’ when I try something out of the box or out of my range. That person is invaluable to every artist. That person—my person, is my lovely wife Diane. She is also my biggest fan and I am hers. She hates the spotlight and hates taking any credit but that saying ‘Behind every successful man is a good woman’ is only partially true because behind every success that I’ve experienced is a GREAT woman.

So today I’m Grateful because I have so many wonderful people to Thank for making the debut of my CD and the show such a big success. And I’m most Grateful that the person I have to thank first and foremost is just in the next room…