KBOO 90.7 FM

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Grateful Blog: Day 38. I was up at 4:30am yesterday to play on the air at 90.7 KBOO FM. It was an amazing experience. Driving into the show in the dark car I heard ‘Take the Central GeorgiaHome’ to open the show, the first time I’ve heard one of my songs on the radio while I was driving. It was surreal. When I got to the station everyone was so welcoming. ‘Coffee? Doughnut? ‘Hey, how are you? Thanks for coming!’. It’s funny, having always imagined the station in my mind’s eye (from wanting to take my pledge donation down to meet my favorite ‘Swing and Country’ DJ’s –but I was too chicken, to being invited down to play for the show, which thankfully I wasn’t too chicken to accept), I’ve always wondered what KBOO looked like on the inside. And you know it looks just like the people I met yesterday. Warm, Welcoming, Happy, Enthusiastic, Positive, and Friendly. When you’re playing a song live on the air and there’s a friendly dog wandering around at your feet, you know that you’re amongst friends. You know that that this ‘building’ is more than just a building, it’s really the hub of a larger community and there’s this great family atmosphere to that. So today, back home listening again, I’m so Grateful to Folk Espresso’s Diane Hunt for having me on the show, and the other nice folks I met at KBOO yesterday morning like Steve Nassar and Swing and Country’s Wayne Johnson. Saying that KBOO is an all Volunteer run, Local, Community radio station says a mouthful of what a great place it is, but being there yesterday on the other side of the dial, and sitting here at home this morning listening to Guy Clark, Dave Carter and Nanci Griffith come out of station, I now know its whole lot more than just a ‘station’, it’s a piece of you and me, and I’m so Grateful for that. Hope you got to tune in and enjoyed the show!