Happy Birthday Captain!

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Grateful Blog: Day 25: Today’s my friend Lyman’s birthday. I met him a few years ago at an open mic. Seemed like a nice guy. He’d been toNashvilleto do some songwriting and I was planning to go as well. Without so much as asking he sent me an email with a bunch of venue contacts and information that would ultimately make my trip more fruitful, and in doing so started our friendship based on his generosity. I’ve come to know Lyman much better now: Some of my favorite shows have been sharing the stage with him and we’ve driven more than a few miles together—raced a go-cart or two, and he’s still that same guy, I met back then. Generous of spirit and of the heart. Since then, we’ve had a hundreds of conversations about everything: music, women, money—you know, stuff that guys know nothing about but talk about all the time. So today I just want to single out Captain Lyman and say how Grateful I am for his friendship and to wish him a Happy Birthday. If you happen to see him at the helm of the PortlandSpirit (he’s one of it’s Captains), know that you’re in good hands, and if you’re lucky enough to see him in concert, he’s a great songwriter, don’t forget to shout out ‘Play a Dan Weber song!’ He loves that! 😉

Grateful Blog: Day 24: (I Missed this One): Late Tuesday night, already exhausted from the week. The only saving grace: falling asleep to a hockey game, a pre-bedtime nap in my trusty old Lazy Boy. I’m Grateful for every last one of those.