How high’s the water Mama?

Dan Weber Grateful Blog, News

Klickitat River

Grateful Blog: Day 20: Johnny Cash famously sang “How high’s the water Mama? Well she’s 4 feet high and rising”…and that’s about how high the water level is right now for my neighbors up and down the Klickitat River. That’s well below the historical flood stage but all around the Pacific North-wet rivers and streams are busting at the seams. Sandbags and pumps help some. Praying probably helps more. Owning a canoe maybe helps the most. Seeing the footage of folks having to leave their suddenly flooded homes really tears at the heartstrings. I couldn’t imagine having to do that. So this morning I’m Grateful that my neighbors up in Klickitat are still high and dry and I’m Grateful that there’s a little break in the weather, however brief, to let some of the high water drop a bit…